Our project management methodology is organized in a way that relies upon the best practices and results-driven disciplines of corporations in the private sector. We focus on identifying excellent partners at the local level and establish alliances with those that are most likely to result in successful execution of the project.

Site & Project Selection

To select a project, we initially conduct a thorough analysis of multiple prospective candidates and evaluate their level of need, recent events affecting the local conditions and their potential for success. With this information in hand, we narrow down possible projects to a short-list and review economic, political and social conditions surrounding the candidates. Subsequently, we reach out to gauge the level of interest community leaders have in initiating a project in their area. Importantly, we also assess the community’s willingness to work in full partnership with us by matching local labor and resources to the organization’s funding.

Partnerships In Country

We establish partnerships with select, reputable and professionally operated organizations in country to help with expertise in guiding events locally and to help oversee the actual deployment of the project. Our work with these organizations enables us to engage their assistance with many aspects of on-site preparation of the projects, leverage their relationships, rely on their insights and avoid potential hazards, as well as benefit from their presence on the ground for follow-through.

Central Oversight

Once we have made a selection, Developing Minds maintains oversight for the project. We take responsibility for soliciting support from all the stakeholders and interested parties – including bringing onboard government and non-governmental entities who should be involved, creating a committee of local leaders to be engaged in all facets of the project and selecting a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with which to partner. The scope of our oversight covers aspects of planning, procuring and managing financial resources, guiding the timeline and deliverables, seeking approvals, coordinating among various organizations involved and managing the budget. Throughout the process, we collaborate with the partners and local committee every step of the way.

Collaboration with Local Leaders

We view the creation of relationships with local leaders – such as regional experts, democratically elected or designated officials, religious leaders and influential members of the community – as a vital element to the success of our projects. With key decision-makers and other important members of the local community committing resources, we expect greater long-term sustainability of a project’s ongoing success. By engaging locals from the beginning and requiring a deep commitment as a condition for the selection of their areas, our community-based approach assures that they assume pride of ownership.