Re-establishing rights, health and education of former child soldiers


An alternative to armed conflict in Colombia’s rural areas


Promoting healthy development from infancy to adolescence in Brazil's favelas


Promoting literacy with victims of illegally armed groups in Urabá


Access to technology and skills needed in a digital society to children and adolescents in City of God


Family support to provide safe, healthy learning environments for children in Brazil’s favelas


Developing Minds Foundation builds schools and supports education programs in communities affected by violence and poverty.

Since 2006, we have dedicated our efforts to initiatives such as reintegration of former child soldiers of the guerrilla in Colombia, introducing literacy projects in rural areas of Colombia and the inner cities of the United States, and providing educational opportunities to children and adolescents in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas through building and supporting technology schools along with fostering early childhood development.

In these communities, we offer traditional education and vocational skills, psychological and social support, as well as a safe, healthy learning environment to address the core needs of our students.


Number of Children Educated


School Completion Rates


Donations Directly to Projects

I didn’t know anything about computers before, then I started taking classes. I keep learning and now I know that I am capable of doing whatever I want with my life.

Marcia Vivian, 15, City of God

I’ve learned so much here, about things I didn’t even know existed.

Hector, 16, Ex-child soldier of FARC

Developing Minds changed the lives of many kids in City of God, and I am one of them. I beat all the statistics and was accepted to the university, where I study computer science now.

José Leandro Lima, 22, City of God

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