We remain loyal to the mission of Developing Minds to transform young people’s lives through education by honoring a core set of values that drive all of our operations.

Financial Accountability and Transparency

As a not-for-profit organization, Developing Minds recognizes the high expectations and level of trust our contributors instill in us, and to honor this, we pledge to be good stewards by being as effective as possible in utilizing funds to maximize educational opportunities for young students in need. Our approach is to allocate the vast amount of funds to program services (e.g. materials and labor for building schools), with only the minimum necessary for fundraising and administrative costs. We have a policy of complete transparency in all of our proceedings, maintaining a record cataloguing Developing Minds’ financials and making them available to all of our donors.

Results Orientation

Our firm belief is that by applying the same rigor and discipline that is used in a corporate environment, the management of our public-oriented projects will result in the greatest effectiveness in achieving the intended results.

Political & Organizational Non-Affiliation

Since some of the regions in which our organization operates have a highly complex and potentially hazardous social and power structure, we carefully navigate the sensitive cultural situations by cooperating with political, governmental and religious institutions and organizations in the region. We remain neutral and avoid forming any affiliations with local groups that may hinder the advancement of our projects.